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“I don’t think you can ignore that.” — Ralph S. Baric


Read this if you want to know about what was being done under NIH and Dr. Fauci (and China) for “pandemic preparedness” and how those guys knew about imminent COVID-19 event but did nothing to stop it.

a. How the hell was this even possible?
b. Do we want this to happen again?

There’s a “brief” tweetstorm version of this post that somehow developed into a supertweetstorm about blatant lie of NIH on gain-of-function grants (and hair-raising things going on at UNC), brief analysis of Tony Fauci’s brand new Potential Pandemic Pathogens Care and Oversight framework and more.


What happens when a venture capital firm partners up with an ICO platform? A venture fund ICO? Sounds like real cutting-edge Fintech! But isn't it against regulations? Not if you are Blockchain Capital! Introducing Blockchain Capital III Digital Liquid Venture Fund ICO, a.k.a. the Most Lawyered Up ICO EVER.

Here is how it works: you send in your USD, BTC or ETH and you get Tokens in return and become a Tokenholder! Yay! And that’s pretty much it.

They called this event the Offering. With a cap of $10,000,000 they hit their ICO target in 6 hours. One of the…

So, It’s Time For Some (More) Truth…

TL;DR: I think Scott Borchetta’s terms for Taylor Swift were probably worse than simple “an album for an album”, and the notion that Taylor Swift “was given a chance to own 100% of her art and just walked away” is (ahem) not entirely accurate — which can be gleaned from just that single screenshot Scott Borchetta posted to illustrate his extraordinary feat of generosity.


a. I may or may not be horribly, horribly wrong; since

b. I know virtually nothing about the music industry and its rules and contracts; hence

c. this post has more in common with reading food…

Next time try reading it, okay?

From time to time I receive tentative proposals from ICO projects to shill for them. Normally I ignore their requests but two of those were insistent enough to elicit a response.

INS was the absolute champion. They contacted me on Twitter twice, then hit me up on Telegram several times. They told me they loved my blog and would like to “collaborate” with me. They asked me about the “closest possible dates” for that and “the format that will fit them best”. They told me I could ask any questions.

This is my third post from a series dedicated to the Ties project. It’s long and boring and would probably be of interest only to the Ties investors.

The first and the second posts were dedicated to customer relations. This one is mostly about moral issues and the importance of taking screenshots.

Dear Mr. Neymark,

My compliments on whiteknighting the whole mess that you have created. …

Chronicles of an ICO extension

It might sound overly sentimental, but I do believe that customer relations is one of the crucial components of a successful business venture. When you have your ICO and you are selling a “utility” token, people who buy it are essentially your first customers. Why? Because you don’t want them to be your investors in case SEC or MAS or some other regulator comes over and looks over your shoulder. Unless you are fully compliant and are selling to registered investors only, of course — but who is?

Okay, here you are running the ICO, up to this moment you…

This post is not about legal framework or tokenomics or feasibility of a particular project as such. It’s about customer relations, really, and I am writing it upon request from a really small group of the Ties ICO participants who want to make sure they get a refund. Well, there is a bit of legal nitpickery in the first part of the post (of course!), but bear with me — things will get a lot merrier when you get to part two.

So, imagine there is this hot ICO you have just invested into and they have passed their soft…

When I write about ICOs I try to draw the line when it comes to expressing emotions. Okay, in my case the line might be a little too thin sometimes. However, it does exist and I might have been tempted to cross it in this particular post. Apologies if it seems inappropriate but it felt good.

After my previous review ZrCoin project sprouted an FAQ. The team got busy enlarging it and after several (five?) iterations I got a message from them saying:

ZrCoin team, pointing the finger at Google

Fair enough. I guess I will have to make another stab at providing “constructive serious notes” since…

This is the Memorandum Challenge! I nominate SEC, ESMA and FCA. Read the BCAP Token Offering Memorandum or donate $10mln to Blockchain Capital. You have 24 hours to respond. Tick-tock.

This is Part III of the Offering Memorandum analysis. It’s a relatively long and unashamedly dreadful read, but (and you have to trust me on this one) it’s infinitely better than going through the 72 pages of the legal equivalent of blatant middle finger demonstration all by yourself.

There are also Part I and Part II. …

Okay, here comes Part II. I tried not to reiterate the things I mentioned in Part I.


The memorandum is not available via direct links anymore but it should be accessible for verified users when they log into their accounts.

pages 9–11 generally tell investors how privileged they are when they invest with Blockchain Capital. …


Small print, food labels and awkward questions. Opinions my own. Always DYOR!

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