Ties: Hi there, Mr. Neymark

This is my third post from a series dedicated to the Ties project. It’s long and boring and would probably be of interest only to the Ties investors.

The first and the second posts were dedicated to customer relations. This one is mostly about moral issues and the importance of taking screenshots.

Krawlly. Helping 600% interest loan sharks find prey.
In moral terms, though, this is fucked up.
Krawlly’s valuation
You were asked a direct question during the ICO “extension”.
This is what you answered.
The email
The email got published in the Ties Telegram channel.
Investors started getting enraged
Really smooth, Mr Neymark, really smooth.
Made me really wonder why the min cap was set at $3,000,000.
Reputation is everything
Ties’ superwoman, no less.
I really think you ought to check on the feedback you actions have generated.
Mr. Neymark, paying people for their work doesn’t seem to be part of your skillset.
A number of people are really looking forward to having a Borscht with you.

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